Anniversary: Ricketts Glen

“Look deep into nature, and
you will understand everything better.”

To celebrate the amazing year we have had, my husband and I spent the weekend up at his family’s cabin. On Saturday, we went on a hike a Ricketts Glen to see the waterfalls. We were expecting to see maybe one or two falls, but we got much more then we expected. It was by far the best hike I’ve ever been on. Hope you enjoy.

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Travel: Savannah, GA

“One of the most enchanting destinations in the United States,
Savannah is adorned with extraordinary architecture,
lush botanicals and charming city squares.” 

A few years ago, my sister called me and told me about how beautiful her trip to Savannah was. She started off the conversation by saying, “We have to go! It has everything you love.” She was right and I was not disappointed. We took a walk by the water, through city market, and up and down the beautiful Jones Street, voted by USA Today as one of the Top 10 prettiest streets for a stroll. See a little of our day!

Got my name on the street. It is meant to be!
Got my name on the street. It is meant to be!
Walking the down the beautiful Jones Street.
Walking the down the beautiful Jones Street.
My sister, Faith, on Jones.
My sister, Faith, on Jones.


Travel: St. Augustine, FL

“The aspect of St. Augustine is quaint and strange,
in harmony with its romantic history.”


Wow, I cannot believe I am Florida again, but here I am and so that means I am stopping by one of my favorite places: St. Augustine. I have loved this city since the first time my sister brought me here and have stopped by every year since. This year I have a video since my sister wanted to try out her new GoPro. Check it out!