Back to School: Noteworthy Notes

“Don’t ever stop showing how much you care.”

This is my last week in the Back to School series, I hope you enjoyed! This one is one of my favorites and the easiest. What type of note will you put into your next packed lunch: a riddle, a joke, or a origami shape? My husband is getting a riddle tomorrow!


rachelperry_lunchnotes1 rachelperry_lunchnotes4 rachelperry_lunchnotes5

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Back to School: Brown Bag Buddies

“Wish upon a shooting star, listen to your dreams,
and make your imagination run wild.”

The lunch fun continues and this week it is pretty simple (the opposite of last week). All you have to do is download, print, cut, and glue. These woodland characters were so much fun to create, and I hope you have just has much fun using them!

rachelperry_brownbaglunches1 rachelperry_brownbaglunches2 rachelperry_brownbaglunches3


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Design: Binder Organization

“A place for everything, and everything in its place.”

When I heard we decided to feature Everything Organized exclusive content in our Spring Issue, I was ecstatic! Most everyone who has ever met me knows about my love for organization. This ad in particular had my interest because of my overwhelming bill file. I had reorganized my bill file nearly every year but in some form fill folder which were not working for me. I have been using my binder system for more then a few months now and absolutely love it!


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