House: Laundry Room

After the kitchen was complete, I was ready to tackle more projects on my list. The laundry room was one of my least favorite rooms because it was just not functional. See for yourself in the photo below.

BEFORE: The laundry room when we first moved in. The cabinets provided very little storage because there was only one shelf that was splintering.
AFTER: We cut the door in half and got rid of the dog crates. Now, the dogs have their own room and I don’t have to look at the ugly cages.
I am still in storage heaven! It is so nice to be able to have room for everything. It is so much easier to get the items we need right away with it open.
More of the shelfs and Leo made the shot. We removed the drop ceiling to expose the beams like the kitchen. The floors were also replaced with flooring Pergo we got a Home Depot.
My cleaning corner. The vacuum was missing but it is usually placed in the middle. (The tube was just there temporarily, but has now found it’s home in the creek.)
This is my shelf the is above the washing machine. It was an awesome find at Walmart for $12. The rack pulls out when you need it but can nicely be folded in when you don’t.

House: Kitchen Renovation

“The kitchen is the heart of the home.”

After our wedding last year, we decided to start some small house projects. When I say small, we planned on painting the kitchen cabinets, replacing the kitchen floor and countertops. We got much more then we bargained for! When we pulled up the floor we found termites and it was worse then we could have imagined. The support beams were just laying on the dirt and were completely infested. We had to replace everything! The exterminator said that they had probably been¬†there for years and it must have been missed in the inspection. Thankfully, Corbin, with the help of our friends and family, was able to do the majority of the work. It took longer that way, but saved us a lot of money and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Take a look for yourself!

BEFORE: Our kitchen when we moved in.
BEFORE: The first thing you saw then you walked in was the oven.
Before: The dining area was carpeted, just had a recessed light, and there was a step up to it.
BEFORE: This was the step up that everyone loved to sit on, but I always worried that someone would fall. Now, without it I could extend the table for holidays and have an island.
Ready to rip up the floor.
All the years of vinyl floors!

rachelperry_kitchen6 rachelperry_kitchen8 rachelperry_kitchen9 rachelperry_kitchen10 rachelperry_kitchen11 rachelperry_kitchen12 rachelperry_kitchen13 rachelperry_kitchen14 rachelperry_kitchen15 rachelperry_kitchen16 rachelperry_kitchen17

Corbin prepping for the concrete countertops.

rachelperry_kitchen19 rachelperry_kitchen20 rachelperry_kitchen21

We got the wood floors from two places, our attic and Corbin’s dad’s house. He was taking them off the walls of his backroom.

rachelperry_kitchen23 rachelperry_kitchen24

We used the old cabinets, but changed the layout.
Now, the window is the first thing you see when you walk in. It is so much nicer then the oven!


Corbin will be making an island that will go under the pendant lights.
We save a lot of money on the pendant lights by making our own shades with Ball jars.

rachelperry_kitchen29 rachelperry_kitchen31 rachelperry_kitchen33 rachelperry_kitchen34