Pregnancy: Annoucement

“Thanks, but I feel like it’s one of those cheesy dad mugs.”

So it been a while, but I had a good excuse. I’ve been busy (not to mention tired and sick) trying to grow a baby. Yes, we are having a baby! See how I told everyone the good news:


I make Corbin’s coffee every morning, so I had an idea a while back to get him a “dad” mug and have it facing the other way so when he took a look at it he would know. I didn’t expect him to not notice it was a new mug though. He walked around with it for about a half hour until I asked him if he liked his new mug. He only looked at the backside which said “Life is Good” and replied “Thanks, but I feel like it’s one of those cheesy dad mugs.” I then told him to “look at the front” which said “Best Dad Ever.” He just laughed and had a huge grin.

rachelperry_announcement3The next people we told were Corbin’s mom and stepdad because we had a weekend planned to visit them. I thought I would keep the mug thing going and made them two with an oil-based Sharpie and plain mugs.

rachelperry_announcement4My mom was next with my sisters. I included a cinnamon bun with the mugs for a breakfast package. Everyone was thrilled about the first grand baby!

rachelperry_announcement5This is one of the matching mugs for my sisters.

rachelperry_announcement6Now that our close family knew, it was time to let our friends know about our news. They got a package like this with a card (see below) that had a personalize message.

rachelperry_announcement7rachelperry_announcement8My friend, Ashley, was actually the first one to know I was pregnant because she told me she was. It’s pretty crazy that our due dates are two days apart! I didn’t want her to feel left out about not getting a mug so I made her the one pictured above.

rachelperry_announcement9My coworkers were greeted one Monday morning with a message letting them know there were “buns in the oven” for them to enjoy.

rachelperry_announcement10Corbin sent a message to his friends and family members asking what they thought of his new mug shot.

rachelperry_announcement11To tell the rest of our friends, Ashley and I wore matching skeleton costumes to our friend Halloween party.

Now it may seem like everyone knows, but we still had to announce on social media which is where we used the first photo with of both holding our mugs. Be on the look out for belly shots and the gender reveal!


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy: Annoucement

  1. That was awesome. I really enjoyed reading this whole post. You are so thoughtful to make all the wonderful gifts for friends and family. A very neat way indeed, to tell everyone! Congratulations! Best, Koko 🙂


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