Wedding: The Proposal

“Every story is beautiful,
but ours is my favorite.”

It was two years ago today that I walked in the door to this candlelit hallway. It had been a long day at work, and I was planning on asking Corbin if he wanted to go to bed early. All that went away when I walked in the door, and my biggest concern became making sure I put my lunch bag down so I didn’t get proposed to with dirty tupperware in my hand. I laid it down in the doorway and made my way down the hall. I still don’t know why I was so nervous, but I was more nervous then I was walking down the aisle on our wedding day. When I reached the doorway, Corbin was standing there in his pajamas which made me even happier. Of course, he would take all the time to pick out a ring, make a lovely dinner and decorate the house, but he was so comfortable with me that his outfit did not even cross his mind. After he popped the question, we enjoyed a delicious dinner he made and spent the night just the two of us before calling our family. My bridesmaids found out the next morning with a package at their door!

When it came to a ring, I requested something vintage and for Corbin not to spend a lot of money. I had told him to just go to an antique store and get me a ring her liked. But Corbin did so much better then that by getting his grandmother’s diamond and having the ring custom made.
I loved the romantic table setting in our home.
After a few attempts of balancing the camera on the table, we got a shot we could live with.
Our dinner included chicken wrapped with bacon, seafood stuffed flounder, parsley potatoes and asparagus.

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