Wedding: Wearing Mom’s Dress

“No daughter and mother ever live apart,
no matter what the distance between them.


Years ago, my mom told me that I could wear her wedding dress when I get married. Like a typical teenage, I dismissed her and said something about, “I don’t want to wear your dress. I want my own.” I do not know if she thought I would change my mind, but she cried happy tears when I after I was shortly engaged I asked her if I could look at it again. I was able to make it my own adding a lace panel to the middle because needed it to be longer and by removing the sleeves and collar. Thank you to Maridadi Couture for the beautiful transformation!

Before: I loved the simplicity and detail of the dress.
Before: I almost kept the collar, but it made me look like I had no neck.
Before: I would have kept the sleeves if the wedding hadn’t been in June.
After: On the wedding day, it hung on my Mrs. Perry hanger that I made over my lunch break.
After: I always loved the buttons that went down the back.
After: This dress was perfectly me. Simple, but thoughtful and detailed.

See more photos of my dress on my Sunday wedding day post!


One thought on “Wedding: Wearing Mom’s Dress

  1. How sweet and special to wear your mom’s wedding dress with a lovely transformation. I love lace and found you by seeing what other bloggers are writing about lace.

    May your wedding day be as beautiful as you are!

    ❤ carmen

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