Wedding: Decor & Sweets

“I just want to make beautiful things
even if nobody cares. It’s for me!”

Looking at these images really brings me back to the day before where we set everything up. I was so blessed to have everything feel as though it fell into place. I could not have asked for better people in my life! I really felt like the luckiest girl in the world and I still do.

This was one of Corbin’s projects. He cut the signs out of old pallets and I painted on them.
I put the fan programs in a crate that we used to hold magazines in our living room.
The weather forecast said 0% of rain the entire week. What more could a bride ask for?
Our reception look place in an old horse sable that had been converted into a dining hall. It had some vintage horse photos and the old stall doors were used for the restrooms.
We wanted a simple guestbook that we could hang in our house.
We asked guests to sign a heart with their name.
This now hang in our hallway and I love looking at it everyday.
The table had a satin tablecloth and then I overlaid with lace.
We sat in the middle of the family style table with friends and family surrounding us.
The table had confetti all over it. There were different size circles that I cut out of a sparkly pink, gold and bronze card stock. I also includes old photos of Corbin and I in both color and black and white. The backside had gold paper and a description with the year it was taken.
I wanted to find a nice way to display the sparklers for the end of the night. I attached paper circles that I stamped with text and embossed. On the back, there was a circle of sandpaper and a match.
I could not be more happy with how the dessert bar turned out. My bridesmaid, Megan, made our cake which was funfetti. She did and awesome job!
One of my coworkers, Chelsea from Elsie’s Goodies, makes the most amazing cupcakes, so I asked her if she could make some for the wedding. These are her apple pie ones.
These are the raspberry vanilla ones, they were filled with fresh raspberry filling.
Corbin’s only request when it came to desserts was that he wanted a chocolate cupcake.

Check out more of the desserts from Elsie’s Goodies! 


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