Wedding: Homemade Favors

“Do small things with great love.”

Growing up with the last name Hershey, it is inevitable to have a lifetime of chocolate jokes. I embraced them and would even use them to my favor when meeting someone new. So, of course chocolate made sense as a gift or a favor from me, but I wanted to incorporate my new name and have the favor be something personal. Once the idea came to me, I could not have anything else for our favors.

This was my last project before the wedding and probably the easiest. For weeks, I was worried the grocery store would not have enough pears but they did and I bought boxes of them.
I wanted to have some varies in chocolates and nuts.
The favors served as the guest name cards and included these little gold charms that said “Hand made with love.”
Because I wanted guest to know why they got chocolate covered pears, this message was embossed on the back of their name card.
I was happy with the final product and we had so many extras because I was worried some pears might be going soft (which none did) that we ate as a snack while setting up.

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