Wedding: Letterpressed Invitations

“Find something you are passionate about
and keep tremendously interested in it.


In celebration of my first anniversary coming up, I going to feature a week of my wedding details. There is no better place to start then with the save the dates and invitations. I wanted to keep them simple but the process is not as simple. I ordered a home letterpress machine (which I bought on ebay because the company is no longer around) to keep cost down and made each invitation by hand. Looking back over a year later, I would say it is fun, but I might have said time consuming or tedious at the time.

I started by rolling gold ink on the roller.
I rolled the edges of the save the dates.
Then, I rolled the text for the save the dates.
I wanted to start small so the save the dates only had the save the date text pressed.
Because the save the dates were successful, I decided to do the invitations too.
The direction cards pressed and drying.
The back of the invitation had a pocket to hold all the additional pieces.
For the envelope text, I used the plate as a stamp and embossed it with white. I really liked that the opposites complimented each other: the debossed of the gold on white and the embossed of the white on the gold. The opposites reminded me of my relationship, opposites working together, making a perfect package.


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